If you cannot wait to start, get a quick glimpse of Botium by starting your command line of choice and start typing (Node.js installation is required).

… with Mocha

The following commands will install Botium Bindings, extend your Mocha specs with the Botium test case runner and run a sample Botium test:

npm init -y
npm install --save-dev mocha botium-bindings
npx botium-bindings init mocha
npm install && npm run mocha

What’s happening here:

  • A fresh Node.js project is created with mocha and botium-bindings

  • The package.json file is extended with a “botium”-Section and some devDependencies

  • A botium.json file is created in the root directory of your project

  • A botium.spec.js file is created in the spec folder to dynamically create test cases out of your Botium scripts

  • A sample convo file is created in the spec/convo folder

  • A first test run is started

… with Botium CLI

npm install -g botium-cli botium-core
botium-cli init
botium-cli run

What’s happening here:

  • The first command installs the Botium CLI on your workstation

  • The second command initializes a Botium project in the current directory (a botium.json file and a convo file)

  • Finally, the Botium project runs and the test report is shown